10 Tips to Minimize Damage to Your Commercial Snow Plows

When the snow starts to fall, business owners understand the importance of being prepared. A commercial snow plough is one of the most important pieces of equipment during the winter. You can cause more harm than good with your plough if you aren’t careful. Here are some pointers to help you protect your equipment:

1. Make that the blades are razor-sharp

This may sound obvious, but it’s critical to keep your commercial snow plough blades sharp at all times. Dull blades make clearing snow more difficult and might damage the surface of your parking lot or driveway. Blades that are dull lose their grip on the snow, causing more snow to be pushed back onto the surface.

2. Use Caution Around Curbs and Gutters

When utilising your industrial snow plough near curbs and gutters, it’s critical to be cautious. These things can readily be snagged by the blades, causing injury. If you must plough near curbs and gutters, exercise extreme caution; otherwise, you may need snow plough replacement blades sooner than you think.

3. Stay Away From Obstacles

This suggestion complements the previous one. You’ll want to avoid striking any obstructions in your route, in addition to curbs and gutters. Fire hydrants, signs, and light poles are examples of this. Hitting these things can cause major damage to your commercial snow plough as well as the object itself.

4. Don’t Put Too Much Weight on the Plow

You could damage your industrial snow plough if you try to plough too much snow at once. The weight of the snow could cause the blades to bend or shatter. To avoid placing too much strain on the equipment, it’s vital to plough in small increments.

5. Make Use of the Correct Blades

Commercial snow plough blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure you get the proper ones for your model. When you use the improper blades, you risk causing harm and lowering your performance. To discover which blades are ideal for your plough, consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer.

6. Maintain the Plow’s Cleanliness

It’s critical to keep your commercial snow plough clean both inside and out, since a build-up of dirt and debris can cause damage over time. Clean the plough after each use and inspect it for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis.

7. Examine the Plow Before Using It

It’s a good idea to inspect your business snow plough before you start operating it. This will assist you in identifying any potential issues that may result in damage. Check all sections of the plough, including the blades, before operating it. You will be able to prevent any unexpected repairs as a result of this.

8. Properly Store the Plow

It’s critical to keep your business snow plough appropriately when it’s not in use. This will assist prevent any damage from occurring while the device is not in use. Before storing the plough, make sure it is clean and totally dry. You’ll also want to keep it safely so that it isn’t destroyed or struck by other objects.

9. Don’t Use It for Anything Else

Your commercial snow plough was created with one goal in mind: to properly remove snow. Using it for other tasks, such as shovelling dirt or gravel, can cause damage to the plow’s blades and other components. To avoid needless repairs, just use your plough for its intended purpose.

10. Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines

When using your professional snow plough, it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. These instructions are intended to assist you in using the plough safely and without causing any harm. Before using the plough, make sure you read the manual and follow all of the directions properly.


You can assist prevent damage to your commercial snow ploughs and keep them in good working order by following these guidelines. Snow plough damage can be expensive, therefore it’s crucial to take the required precautions to avoid it.

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