4 Features of Video Intercom

4 Features of Video Intercom

The Video intercom, an applicable Visitor and resident management System, is one of the inventions produced by Swiftlane. With the help of this security system, you can swiftly and continuously keep an eye on your home environment while you are not at work. These kinds of tools can help you raise your home’s security level, which is incredibly advantageous for keeping your family secure and protected from criminal threats or bad people in general, as well as keeping them out of harm’s way. Additionally, this Swiftlane product can help you raise your home’s security level with facial recognition security and improve your family’s and your own quality of life by reducing your worries and problems.

As we can all see, technology has significantly altered our planet in good ways for all people, animals, and plants. Continue reading to learn more about the beneficial developments technology has brought for everyone. Thanks to technology, which has also greatly improved how our lives are managed, many previously impossible things are now attainable. In terms of keeping our homes, family, friends, and pets secure and protected, for instance, many people, especially businesses, have created a number of technologies that are quite beneficial for humans.

If you are interested in installing a video intercom system for your home, here are the four features you can get from it. 

  • Calling Features

If you are using the old lock for your door where you will have to slightly open your door in order to know the identity of the person that is in front of your house, which really doesn’t look good for your safety as there might be a case of where you slightly open your door and then the visitor that will soon become an intruder force their way into your home invading your safety and privacy. That is why the new modernized video intercom is a much better choice to install in your home as it has the calling features where the visitor will have to press a button, the resident will be notified then can press the call feature, a way to see and have a communication with the visitor without unlocking and opening the door. 

  • Access Control Features

When compared to other locks, which typically only have one access control feature, video intercom offers a variety of options from which to choose, including hands-free smartphone access, facial recognition or voice recognition, PIN codes, card-based access options for residents, remote door release using smartphones and regular phones, and temporary PIN codes for deliveries and guests.

  • Technology Facing Features

The video intercom system has provided a lot of features that prove that our time has indeed made almost everything created and modernized to be involved with technology, which is done for the better as it makes our life with devices or items more convenient. The technology-facing feature provides Mobile application and browser dashboards, Automatic software updates, Easy integration with other intelligent building systems, the ability to connect wirelessly to tenant stations and mobile phones, and LTE is called in case the building’s internet is down. As you notice, wireless is mentioned, which means fewer struggles with hiring a professional that costs additional fees or wiring them yourself, which could cause stress. You can say that with these features, it has become easy. For instance, you won’t have to go to a store or device company just to update your intercom. 

  • Loitering Detection 

The time-based loitering functionality is combined with our excellent person detection to provide loitering detection. It sets off alarms when there is a continuous human presence in specific zones for a predetermined amount of time. An operator or guard receives a warning when extended loitering is found. This makes swift decisions possible, saving priceless seconds that can mean the world.

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