5 Ways to Ensure Playground Safety


When the summer is over and school begins 안전놀이터again, You can be confident that the playground at your school is fully used. For obvious reasons, making sure your school’s playground is up to safety standards is one of the top priorities before the beginning of the new school year. In reality, more than 20,000 children each year are afflicted with some injury on a playground. While injuries to playgrounds are inevitable, there are various ways to reduce the risk. Here are five suggestions for ensuring your playground safety at your school or in your organization.

1. Check your playground regularly.

Even when the school year is about to begin, or kids return from spring break or winter break, It’s an excellent idea to look over your playground regularly. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend weekly time on it. However, a glance after the conclusion of each day is a great idea. It’s recommended to make sure your playground is given an inspection after each week. The equipment should be pulled off, then bang it around slightly to ensure that everything is securely bolted to the ground and that there aren’t any loose ends. If you notice something unusual, take the time to repair it immediately.

Find a certified safety playground inspection. This is similar to the first point. However, it goes further. If you’re no expert in the field, the best step to take is to hire an expert to visit your school’s playground every year to conduct an official playground inspection. It is possible to think that a play inspection is only another cost. However, it’s an important step to prevent enormous headaches and costs. If you reside in Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia, read more about our certified inspections for safety. A qualified playground inspector will inspect every aspect of your playground and offer your company an in-depth report.

2. Be sure to have a sufficient surface.

While focusing initially on the apparatus, you should consider the ground beneath. Kids often fall down on the ground even if your equipment is good. Being a kid is normal, So it’s essential to be ready for accidents. Ensure your playground has a minimum of eight inches of mulch wood chips or a certified paved surface. Certified Engineered wood fibre is one type made of mulch, which has recently gained popularity at several daycares, schools and other institutions. It is also recommended that the surface extends at least 6 feet beyond the structure of each playground. If you have a tall structure, you might be able to think about 10 feet.

3. Be sure to have a proper space between play structures.

Spacing is among the most critical factors in ensuring security for children in playgrounds. If you have secure guardrails or borders around the playground structure, you must ensure there’s enough room between the play structure and railings or the bordering. Also, you should have three to five feet between the play structures. A large number of play structures crammed in a tiny space isn’t an ideal situation. It is essential to have space between the structures, which lets you have a smooth impact on the surface beneath.

4. Make sure that children have the right equipment for their age.

It might appear to be noticeable; however, it’s an area that is often ignored, and the truth is that you may be too busy to ensure that every child is using the appropriate equipment for their child’s age range. Making sure that kids have the appropriate 안전놀이터 equipment for their age can help avoid injuries. While playgrounds are typically made for various age groups, young children tend to be more vulnerable to injuries on equipment that could be more suitable for 10 – or 12-year-olds. Preschoolers can use smaller steps for crawl spaces as well as low platforms with shorter ladders, slides that are shorter without ropes, chains climbing poles, or slide poles.

Implementing the five guidelines mentioned earlier will help increase the security of your playground. The critical thing is to inspect the play structures and the surrounding areas constantly. A little caution and common sense will ensure that your playground remains secure.

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