7 Reasons To Avoid DIY Auto Tinting

7 Reasons To Avoid DIY Auto Tinting

Despite the fact that most individuals enjoy applying window film, they rarely attempt DIY auto tinting. They carry it out to cut costs. Unfortunately, because DIY window film projects are so blatant, they almost always backfire. DIY vehicle tinters end up hiring pros to do the work properly because of the forming bubbles, peeling, flaking, poor aesthetics, and excessive condensation.

We kindly request that you read through these seven reasons not to DIY tint your car windows if you are looking at how to do it yourself.

Avoid These 7 Major DIY Auto Tinting Snafus 

Yes, we are experts who work with window tint and decorative films to decorate buildings and cars. Because of this, we are also aware that installing auto tint requires premium materials, patience, skill, and meticulous attention to detail.

Scratching, etching, breaking or damaging your car windows

The primary reason to employ experts to instal your tinted window film is that doing it yourself can significantly and irreparably harm the glass. This damage typically results from using excessive force and/or a blade to remove and reapply incorrectly applied film.

Car owners frequently scratch, etch, fracture, break, or damage their windows during this removal and re-do process. There is no other option for this than the automobile owner replacing their own car glass at their own cost.

Choosing the wrong product

The market is flooded with numerous different auto-tinting goods. These include conventional window tinting items as well as more avant-garde and specialised tinting goods like ceramic or carbon window tinting. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you risk succumbing to marketing strategies that convince you to buy more expensive goods you don’t actually need.

Working with experts allows you to choose the best product for your needs and vehicle by getting a more realistic and practical picture of your available options.

Raising your risk of a car accident

For the driver and passengers, your car’s windows are important safety measures. Any visual impediment brought on by improperly applied film or a broken window increases the likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident. While we support the idea that window film that has been professionally fitted can improve driving safety, the contrary is also true.

Any errors made in the selection or installation of window film can actually make driving less safe.

Applying tint illegally

Both the Highway Patrol and the California DMV are strict when it comes to visibility and window tint. You will receive a “fix-it” ticket if you apply a window tint that is excessively dark to the incorrect windows. If that is noted and you have not had the tint taken off and/or replaced with a legal choice, you will receive another ticket, which will result in you having to appear in traffic court and pay a higher fine.

There is a potential that you will be held responsible for a bigger share of the fault than you otherwise would if you are in a car accident and your windows contain illegal tint.

Not having enough patience, a steady hand, or meticulous attention to detail

We’ll be open and honest with you. Professional window film installers possess exceptional patience, the capacity to adhere to meticulous and rigorous procedures, and attention to detail. That sounds like you, right? If not, you should hesitate before attempting a DIY auto tinting project.

To ensure that vehicle and other best window tinting and tints are applied flawlessly, we expert window film and tint installers exercise a great deal of patience and work methodically. Your DIY project won’t go well if you are someone who gets frustrated after working for 10 or 15 minutes to meticulously prepare a surface, apply a very thin and delicate layer of film, even it all out incrementally without rushing, etc.

Devaluing your car

Professionally installed window tint can improve your car’s looks and increase its value, particularly if you select a high-quality window tinting product. The opposite is also accurate. Everyone has witnessed dreadful, blatantly DIY window tinting efforts. The bubbling alone is unsightly and annoying, among other things.

You can therefore anticipate that your automobile would not be worth as much as it would be without any tint at all if you have a DIY tint job that is bubbling, peeling, or changing colours.

Your car looks terrible as a result of your DIY auto tinting

Not to mention, the majority of tinting applications are made for vanity reasons. Yes, auto tinting helps with glare reduction, vehicle cooling, increased security, and other great things. However, the bulk of our customers are most grateful for the upscale appearance that auto tinting gives their valued vehicles. You simply cannot expect the auto tint to appear as excellent if you apply it yourself as opposed to hiring pros.

Hire a Pro

We urge you to think twice if you’re planning to instal window tint yourself after watching a few YouTube videos about the subject. There are many reputable vehicle window tinting businesses in the Bay Area, so we advise you to read reviews on Google and Yelp to locate the best one in your area.

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