A Safe Playground, 5 Strategies for Winning Craps Games


Those who have never played craps can look at the table first. However, once you learn some simple winning strategies from 메이저놀이터 or TOTO, you can ignore everything on the table without making a short bet. Here are seven quick-dice strategies you can use to win. All are easy to use so you can get started today.

1 – Bet on Magical Chance

A deep dive into casino gambling and profitable betting reveals some exciting things. First, you should know that casinos have almost no total bets. There are ways to play blackjack with a smaller edge than in a casino, and poker players and gamers can also get a smaller edge. However, the merit is small, and it takes work.

2 – Don’t pass the best bet

Craps has two betting options. These two options are called Fairline. These levels are mutually exclusive. If one of these bets wins, the other loses. Most real-money dice players use line bets. This is a cultural phenomenon, and it is considered unfortunate to bet on lines you do not agree on at some tables.

3 – Corridor Line is a decent second choice

We said in the previous section that it is best to bet on “no pass.” However, many dice players use global bets. It would help if you asked how good your transmission lines are compared to lines that don’t pass. The house boundary is a straight line at 1.41%. This is 1.36% of the minimum bet amount. This is a small number. Considering this difference, consider the expected value of betting $50,000 on anyone within a year. If you didn’t pass and used a transfer line instead, you would lose $25 more than your total $50,000.

4 – Everything is scary or very bad

I have only made the required 3 bets on the dice table. Any other bet is too bad, and you lose a lot. The 6/8-seat casino has a profit of 1.52%, while the others are above 2%. Another craps table bet has a house edge of over 11%. I have never bet on location or other betting options when playing dice. Bet 100% on the dice based on the minimum winning amount in the casino.

In other words, bet on the offline game and the best odds when you win a point. In addition, it is recommended to play carp, as the probability of winning is higher with carp.

5 – Take advantage of online casino craps bonuses

Players Club bonuses are the only rewards you can get when playing craps in a live casino. This will be covered in the next section. However, you can get bonuses at online casinos if you prefer to play dice on your mobile device or computer.


Craps메이저놀이터 are not difficult. Stick to 3 easy bets, and you can ignore the rest and play with a small edge at the casino. Any other bet increases the casino’s profits and takes your money out. You can also take advantage of bonuses and rewards to increase your long-term profits.

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