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Synthetic urine, which was first employed as a matrix for quality control preparations by drug testing labs, is now commercially available and can be used to successfully “fool” a positive drug test.

How did Synthetic Urine Develop?

In 1828, a scientist named Friedrich Wohler made the first synthetic urea sample. Urine contains this chemical component. He accidentally made it while attempting to make ammonium cyanate.

Nowadays, the term “synthetic urine” conjures up images of a cheap novelty item rather than a significant advancement in chemistry.

What is the Composition of Fake Urine?

Water, urea, creatinine, uric acid, and pH balance are used to make synthetic urine. The density of synthetic Urine may be the same as that of fake urine since labs analyze it.

When Your Urine Sample Is Tested, What Happens?

For urine testing, urinalysis clinics employ gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Compounds in a mixture can be separated and identified, and their purity can be determined using gas chromatography. Mass spectrometry can be used to determine the mass of a sample. They collaborate to help determine the composition of a mix. THC, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines are frequently detected in a five-panel drug test.

They also assess the temperature, color, and odor of the urine. If you’re buying synthetic urine to pass a drug test, you’ll need to take it into the bathroom and make sure it’s heated to the right temperature.

What is the Background on Drug Testing?

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan mandated drug testing for all federal employees, and the practise quickly spread across the country. In the same year, he signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which made marijuana possession and other minor drug offences illegal.

Is it Legal to Use Synthetic Urine?

The legality of fake Urine, like the legalization of cannabis, varies by state. Synthetic urine is illegal in 18 states, but only South Carolina has convicted a urine salesman once in the last decade. The sellers were accused of selling false Urine in each of these incidents in order to pass a drug test. Urine of sale is a crime in Illinois and Kentucky, and a misdemeanor in North Carolina and South Carolina on a second violation. Making false pee is a misdemeanor in all other states.

Firms that make and sell Urine must say that their product is not intended to trick drug testing in order to be legal. Others believe that these products are fetish items for people who desire to engage in “wet sex,” or sexual activity in which you pee on your partner.

What’s the Point of Buying Fake Pee?

If you have a last-minute job drug test, consider all of your choices before disclosing your drug use and jeopardising your job.

Synthetic urine has been developed as a result of a random series of circumstances, and it may save your life. This article will provide information on seven of the most popular synthetic urine products, as well as their current market prices.

Top 7 Synthetic Urine Kits for Passing a Drug Test at Work

  1. $189.95 The Urinator
  2. Incognito Belt ($125.00) – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a Belt
  3. $119.85 for Piss Perfect
  4. $100.00 Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit
  5. $85.00 Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit
  6. $65.00 for the Practice Kit
  7. By Test Clear – $49.95 – Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

Utilizing Synthetic Urine

Synthetic pee resembles human urine in appearance, but it also has chemical and thermal qualities similar to human urine. An untrained eye will not be able to distinguish the difference.

As a result, some people may believe that synthetic pee smells, looks, or feels better than natural pee.

Because modern synthetic pee is so lifelike, it requires heating and mixing to achieve the desired appearance and temperature.

It’s vital to keep in mind that a false urine sample that hasn’t been heated to body temperature will fail the test.

A heating pad, an electronic gadget, or a hand-operated heating unit must be added to the mix to raise the temperature.

To ensure that the sample was properly heated before being submitted to the lab, most goods include a temperature heating pad and/or thermometer testing component.

How Can Professionals Tell if a Drug Test Is Fake?

Fake urine is easy to spot if it doesn’t have the right aroma or doesn’t bubble up when shaken like real urine does.

Despite the fact that some companies offer a money-back guarantee, no pee test is perfect. Despite this, most synthetic urine tests fail because the instructions are not followed.

Using a Synthetic Urine Kit: Some Pointers

Always keep in mind:

  • Invest in a high-quality dummy pee kit.
  • Combine the ingredients properly before using.
  • Bring it up to your body’s temperature.
  • Keep it out of the reach of others.

In urine samples, urine testing facilities check for a body temperature of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature that is too close to or too high in comparison to the ambient temperature indicates that something has been tampered with.

If you’re going to use a synthetic urine kit, keep it a secret, and you can learn more about them and where to acquire the best fake pee kit near you by visiting this website.


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