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OWASP mobile

Due to the exponential increase in the utilisation of mobile applications across the globe, vulnerabilities associated with them are also increasing day by day. So, at this particular point in time, every developer needs to have a good understanding of the OWASP mobile top 10 list because it will be very much successful in highlighting the security vulnerabilities which people need to focus on in terms of boosting the application protection. On the face of it, mobile devices and applications might look very much secure but actually, they are not so because the vulnerabilities are significantly increasing with every passing day. Some of the very basic things which people need to know about the OWASP mobile top 10 list are very well explained as follows:

  1. Improper platform usage: This risk will be covering the misuse of the operating system feature or failure of performing any kind of platform security control very properly. So, people need to have a good analysis of the risk in the form of data leakage, android intent sniffing, keychain risk and other associated things. Having a good understanding of the best practice associated with avoiding it is also very much important for people to give a great boost to the application security.
  2. In secure data storage: This particular concept is very basically dealt with the compromised file system and ultimately leads to different kinds of loss of personal information of the user which is the main reason that understanding the extraction is important. To eliminate the problem of exploitation of unsecured data, it is very much vital for people to be clear about the technicalities of the operating system to avoid any kind of further issues.
  3. Insecure communication: Transmission of data from the application and to the application generally will be taking place through a telecom carrier and the internet. Hackers will be intercepting the data as the adversary setting in the local area network of the users with a compromise over the Wi-Fi. So, understanding the technicalities of the stealing of information and man-in-the-middle attacks is important for people to avoid any kind of compromise.
  4. Insecure authentication: This particular problem will be there whenever a mobile device will be failing to recognise the user correctly and allows the advisor to login into the application without default credentials. So, to avoid this particular problem it is very much a battle for people to have a good understanding of the user credentials and security protocols of the application along with online authentication methods.
  5. Insufficient cryptography: Data in the modern-day world has become very much vulnerable due to the weak encryption process or the infirmities of the algorithms. So, to ensure that everything is kept intact in the original format, it is vital for people to have a good understanding of stealing and other associated things to avoid any kind of problem. Choosing the modern-day encryption algorithm is very much important in this case so that people will be able to understand the technicalities of the vulnerability very well without any kind of problem. The National Institute of standards and technology of the US government will be publishing the cryptographic standards which people can also refer to become successful.
  6. Insecure authorisation: Normally people confuse this particular point with the fourth point because both of them are about user credentials. But it is very much important to note down that insecure authorisation will be involving the adversary taking advantage of vulnerabilities in which they will be dealing with the authentication process in the whole process. Hence, having a good understanding of the risks associated with this particular concept is important so that continuous testing of the user privileges will be done without any kind of issues. In this case, everyone will be able to have a good understanding of the functionalities with the help of verified user management schemes.
  7. Poor code quality: This particular risk will be due to the inconsistent coding practises in the organisational applications which could be a flaw at the end of the development team. So, developing things right from the very beginning with the employment of the automatic and manual tools simultaneously is important so that execution of the things in the form code will be done very proficiently. Hence, focusing on the best practices in this particular world like static analysis, code logic and mobile-specific coding is important to avoid any kind of problem.
  8. Code tampering: Hackers across the globe prefer the concept of code tampering due to different kinds of manipulation which allows them to have unauthorised access over the application and the user behaviour. The risk associated with this particular concept can be the infusion of malware or the theft of data. So, introducing runtime detection in this world is important to avoid any kind of issues and ensure that detection of the attacking vectors in real-time will be done without any kind of problem.
  9. Reverse engineering: This particular concept is a very commonly exploitable occurrence which can be based on external and commonly available inspection tools. To make sure that things are sorted out very well it is advisable for people to have a good understanding of the risk in the form of code stealing, premium features and other associated concepts. Using similar tools and code obfuscation is very much important in this case so that protection can be improved very easily.
  10. Extraneous functionality: Before any kind of application is ready for the world of production, the development team needs to have a good understanding of the backend systems, the creation of the logs and other associated things. Analysing the risk associated with this particular aspect and following the best practices like coding is important to avoid any kind of problem and limit the exposure level.

Apart from this depending on the companies like Appsealing is very much important for the organisations so that they will be able to launch comprehensive security solutions for android and iOS applications very proficiently and can protect them from the threats mentioned in OWASP mobile top 10 list.

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