Here are some tips to make your playground a safe one


If you’re planning to build a new playground or renovate an existing one, you’ll want to consider the 안전놀이터 of the playground’s surfaces, equipment, and adults. Here are some tips to help make the process easier. Remember, it’s important to remain calm, especially when your child is hurt. While a first-aid kit can take care of most minor injuries, more serious injuries should be reported to 911. You should never try to move an injured child yourself, and you should ask other adults to watch over your child until help arrives.


If you’re considering opening a playground for your kids, you’ll want to make sure you follow some basic safety rules. These will help keep your children safe and prevent serious accidents. For example, you want to make sure all equipment is skid-resistant. The ground should also be free of loose objects and rust. You should also make sure that any children who play in the playground wear sneakers with secured-Velcro straps.

Another essential part of a kids’ safety playground is its ability to withstand changing temperatures. Children are more likely to suffer an injury if they are exposed to hot or cold equipment. Therefore, it is important to inspect metal playground equipment periodically during hot or cold weather. Finally, children should be protected from the sun, which can lead to skin cancer.


Adult supervision is critical for the safety of children at a playground. Adults can help prevent injuries and administer first aid. Playgrounds should be designed so that adults can see children at all times. This is especially important for young children, who can’t always tell distances. Older children may also test their limits, so it’s important to provide close adult supervision.

If an adult does become injured, they should be able to stay calm. While some minor injuries can be treated by a first-aid kit, more serious injuries should be treated by 911. Parents should not try to move an injured child or attempt to move them to 안전놀이터, so they should ask someone else to watch them until help arrives.


Choosing the right equipment is imperative for a safe playground. Playgrounds should be designed with the average child’s age in mind, so equipment should be age appropriate. Equipment should also be well maintained and repaired regularly. It is also important to choose playground equipment that has been independently tested to meet state and local safety standards. A good place to start is with ASTM International, a nonprofit organization that develops standards for various industries. Though these standards are not required by law, manufacturers may have to abide by them if they are cited in regulations.

Playground equipment should be made of durable, smooth, and safe materials. It should also be free of rust, chipped paint, and loose parts. It should also be free of protruding parts or holes, which can cut children or entangle their clothing.


Choosing the right surface for your playground is essential for the safety of your children. A good playground surface is not only safe for your kids to play on, but it can also help prevent serious injuries. However, you shouldn’t just choose the cheapest option when choosing a playground surface. You need to ensure that you leave a portion of your budget for the quality of the surface.

The ASTM has created many standards for safe playground surfaces. For example, the F1292 standard was set in 1999 to help prevent serious injuries and even death. It lists requirements for impact attenuation performance and includes two measurement methods: the critical drop height test performed in a lab and the installed surface performance test.

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