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Sites without licenses are not recommended. We also have a license that provides better player protection, so it’s better than메이저사이트 other licenses.The more players a casino can appeal to (slots, video poker, arcade games, keno, live dealer games, poker, etc.), the more likely we are to recommend that casino.Our most important conditions are bonuses, account management, progressive jackpots, and prohibited countries.How can I contact customer support? The more choices people have, the better. At this stage, you send an email to each site that you reviewed. The purpose is to test the response time and see how good the response is.

How does it work on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices?

We are testing the software to ensure it works fine on all devices. It’s also important to note that the casino only offers a partial selection of all games for mobile users.

This is a summary of the information메이저사이트 we collect. We have an active account at all online gambling sites to review so that you can get the latest data.

Our review aims to determine which sites are right for you. It’s not just about which casinos have the fastest banking means; it’s important.

But it is also essential that the site is secure, and fair and offers great promotions and that you have the software you like. If not, how much can you enjoy it?After you review each site, the next step is to determine whether the site is sufficient for your readers. You need to decide if you are worthy of Gambling “Sign off.”

Seal of Approval

When we give a site a “Seal of Approval,” we guarantee that the site is safe and can participate and play confidently. This means that the site is licensed, reputable and offers fair terms.

The biggest difference between our approval seals and other sites’ “approval stamps” is that they focus, first and foremost, on safety. Sites we deem worthy of approval are eligible for inclusion in the ranking.

It’s where we come from, bringing together decades of experience in the industry. Our team will decide which casinos to rank first, second, and so on. The result is a list like the one above.

We put a lot of effort into researching, reviewing, testing, and ranking recommended sites. Our recommendations are always unique. That is why we can trust them.

We talked a bit about our process, but we didn’t discuss why our recommendations differed. To conclude this section, we would like to share that now.

Below is a list of how our reviews and recommendations differ from those on the web.


We have created an account on every gambling site we review.

  • This is the only way to ensure we collect the latest information. It is also the only way you can test the software.
  • More than 90% of the information we collect comes from the site itself.
  • We do not use other review sites as sources to avoid exposing outdated or inaccurate information.
  • As an exception, we use forums to check if you have any complaints about the casino.
  • That way, you can measure the casino’s reputation and the player’s treatment.
  • We don’t take money to make our rankings and reviews better.
  • All sites must win the location.
  • Our team regularly updates reviews and recommendations.
  • We always check to ensure our rankings and reviews are up to date. I

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