How Long Can You Keep A Cigar In A Humidor?

A Cigar In A Humidor

It doesn’t matter what brand, shape, or dimensions of your cigars they are, you can store them for years in a well-maintained humidor. Lumbuy Cigar humidors will keep cigars in good condition for several years.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right Premium Cigar Humidors. First and foremost, make sure the cigar is properly made. A poor-quality cigar can not only be unpleasant to smoke but can also cause nicotine addiction.

Cigar Aging

To be enjoyed, cigars must mature for six to eight months before they are shipped to tobacco shops. But, some producers and distributors skip this stage for obvious reasons. To ensure a smooth and balanced flavor, cigar smokers should store their cigars for at least 3 months in an enclosed humidor before taking their first puff.

However, some people prefer to keep the cigars’ cellophane wrap intact when they are stored. This is counterproductive. The purpose of a cigar humidor is to let the air circulate the cigars. Cellophane tends to cause a greenhouse effect in the humidor and raises its temperature slightly.

Wrapping is effective in keeping the original flavors of the cigars intact, even when there aren’t any dividers. Spanish cedar will wrap premium cigars to intensify their aroma. The cigar owner will decide how to store them.

Lumbuy Cigars have a long life expectancy and, if stored well, can live to 100 years. Premium cigars are loved because they preserve their tobacco flavors even after years of storage. The longevity of a cigar depends on how you like it, as each brand will age differently.

What are the Best Long-Term Age Cigars?

There are some things you can do that will ensure your Premium Cigar Humidors is properly set up for long-term cigar storage.

Regular check-ups are the most important thing to do for your humidor. Keep the humidity levels between 67 and 72%. Regularly check any battery-powered Hygrometers.

A second important aspect is airflow. It is the interaction with oxygen that maintains and alters the flavor profile of your cigars. Wrapping your cigars with cellophane, cling wrap, or other forms of plastic would block air circulation and increase the risk for mold growth.

Here Are Five Ways to Keep Your Cigar Fresh

But what if you don’t own a lumbuy cigar humidor? Perhaps you are just starting to smoke cigars. You might be at the cottage, far from your home, and you need to find your humidor. Here are five options. These are not permanent solutions, but they can be used in an emergency. Do not put it in the freezer, fridge, or microwave.

  • You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a Cuban cigar and then find that it is dry because you didn’t properly store it.
  • This is especially true when your home gets dryer in winter.
  • Mold can also grow when there is too much heat.
  • The essential oils found in tobacco can be preserved by keeping cigars in a room with the right humidity.
  • These are natural, organic products. The surrounding environment is important to cigars.
  • Controlling temperature and moisture is key. Remember that oils once the cigar is cured are non-returnable.

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