How Long does Canadian Citizenship Take?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for information on how long it takes to apply for citizenship in Canada. The period and duration of being a Canadian citizen will be briefly discussed in this article. Let’s go on to the next section to learn more about the topic.

How long does it take to become a Canadian citizen?

From the application until the declaration of citizenship, you must go through various steps to become a Canadian citizen.

The time it takes to obtain citizenship varies depending on the type of application. However, becoming a Canadian citizen will take roughly two years on average.

Surprisingly, the entire time duration for the emergency application decreases. Alternatively, it takes over 27 months for normal applicants.

Surprisingly, citizenship claims differ from person to person.

Furthermore, non-residents must first obtain permanent status before claiming citizenship. Locals, on the other hand, must be 18 years old to establish citizenship. Overall, it’s a difficult and time-consuming procedure.

In Canada, the time it takes to process various citizenship applications varies.

The processing period varies depending on the type of citizenship application. Let’s take a look at the government of Canada’s set time limit.

Grant for Citizenship

According to the most recent Canadian government update, the processing of citizenship award applications will take 27 months. The countdown will begin on the day the application is received.

Certificate of Citizenship

To obtain a citizenship certificate, you will have to wait at least 17 months. This certificate serves as proof of citizenship.

Citizenship is being reintroduced

The duration of time is slightly extended in the case of a resumption of citizenship application. On a minimum time frame, it will take 23 months. Because resuming is an oath-taking procedure, the time will be added to the total.

Citizenship is renounced

Renunciation of citizenship is a unique circumstance in which to claim citizenship. In this case, 15 months will be the minimum amount of time required.

You can also apply for renunciation of citizenship from outside of Canada. Nonetheless, the technique will work. However, you’ll need to add 3 or 4 months to your accounts to finish the mailing process.

The hunt for a citizenship record has begun.

The citizenship record reveals a person’s previous history. It takes at least 15 months to submit an application. The clock will start ticking after the application has been submitted.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned timing will be subject to required alterations as a result of government decree. The government has complete authority over any adjustments in processing times.

Basic Requirements Included Time spent on the application process for Canadian citizens

Should the time spent meeting basic requirements be factored into the processing time?

Yes, you must take into account the fundamental necessity of meeting the application processing time. As a result, both of these steps are counted as prerequisites for obtaining citizenship.

Before seeking for citizenship, you must meet a number of basic prerequisites. As a result, add this time to the standard application time. Let’s take a look at the most important conditions and when they should be asked.

Status of Permanent Residents

It is a necessary condition for obtaining Canadian citizenship. To obtain permanent status, a person must have lived legally in Canada for at least three of the previous five years.

Being aware of one’s rights and responsibilities

The applicants must be informed of all other citizens’ rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, the individual must be a law-abiding citizen. Outsiders must stay in Canada for at least 5 years to comprehend the norms and conditions.

To calculate the time it takes to become a Canadian citizen, add all of those times together. It’s a lengthy and difficult procedure.


Although becoming a Canadian citizen is a lengthy process, you must adhere to all of the rules. You can complete the procedures on time if you adhere to all of the terms and restrictions.

However, keep in mind that obtaining Canadian citizenship does not have a set time limit. It may take a bit longer than the stated time, or the citizenship status may be completed in a short period of time.

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