How to Choose a Major Playground


There are several factors to consider when choosing a 메이저놀이터. One of the most common factors is the cost. Although playgrounds are not cheap, they will last for many years. The design and characteristics of the play area should also be considered. These factors will help you to choose the best one for your community.

Safety of playgrounds

A child’s safety at a playground is important for a variety of reasons. Injuries can occur because of contact with sharp objects or collisions with stationary equipment. Furthermore, playgrounds that are poorly maintained can pose additional risks for injuries. This can include trash, rusty play equipment, and damaged fall surfaces. However, many playground injuries can be prevented by providing close adult supervision. These adults should teach kids the proper use of the equipment and ensure that rules are adhered to.

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has established guidelines for the construction and maintenance of playground equipment and surfacing. These guidelines are important because they reduce the chance of injuries. While the guidelines are not legally mandatory, many states have already passed legislation requiring playgrounds to meet the standards. This is because regular maintenance and inspections of playground equipment are essential to prevent injuries and fatalities.


Characteristics of Major Playgrounds include their functional and aesthetic attributes. The study used an evaluation tool called the EAPRS, which collected data on 14 summary exposure variables. These variables represented the quality and functionality of features. Two of the variables measured the number of unique play features, ranging from zero to ten.

The study used data from 200 observations conducted in 20 schoolyards. This means that each schoolyard had an average of nine observations of the target playground area. The average number of persons observed at each schoolyard was about 200. In addition, the study took into account clustering by schoolyard. Using this approach, the study found that the number of children in the target area was positively associated with physical activity level.

Moreover, the children surveyed indicated that playgrounds were important for their park visits. They visited parks at least once a week, often accompanied by siblings and friends. The study found that children valued playgrounds because they provided an opportunity to engage in physical activity and enjoy nature. They were also more likely to visit parks if their friends were nearby.


메이저놀이터design involves taking into account the characteristics of the school, community, and school students. It may involve a single playground for the entire student body or a separate playground for younger and older students. It may also involve opening the playground for the community after school hours or on weekends. It is important to consult with experts to ensure that the design meets safety guidelines.

When planning a playground design, make sure to include a barrier or fence to keep children safe. This will prevent them from wandering and give adults peace of mind. You can incorporate secure gated fencing, well-placed logs, shrubs, or even sensory panels.


Major Playground games are fun and effective ways to engage children in physical activity. They help them develop important life skills such as independence and problem-solving. They also promote creativity and the ability to collaborate with others. There are several types of games, each with a unique set of rules and benefits for children.

Limbo – This game is popular at parties and is an excellent playground activity. To play, two players hold each end of a rope. The rope is lowered on each round, and players fall while trying to go under the rope. This game can be especially difficult for kids with balance issues, but it teaches reflexes and coordination.

Major Playground games – Besides offering free games, the casino’s major playground also offers online gambling. The website is user-friendly and designed in a pleasant color scheme. The variety of games on the site includes roulette, slots, and baccarat. In addition, the online casino has a large variety of video poker games.

Reconstruction in 2009

Major Playground reconstructions are an effective way to improve the physical activity of school-aged children. Several studies have shown that such changes can improve children’s physical activity and health. In the UK, for example, a recent study measured the physical activity levels of children in two large playgrounds after major playground reconstructions. The results showed an increase in activity and reduced sedentary time for children aged six to nine. The new playgrounds also resulted in increased playtime and improved social interaction.

In addition to the new playground equipment, the new playgrounds also featured a wisteria-covered trellis, a corkscrew water feature, and elevated tables for children with disabilities. The 96th Street playground, located off Central Park West, is another example of a playground with accessible features.

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