How to Create a Safe Playground


Playground safety isn’t a one-time task. It’s a continuous effort that includes cushioned surfacing and sturdy equipment. It also requires constant monitoring and maintenance. To keep your 안전놀이터, check for changes and add new equipment as necessary. In addition, make sure your kids have individual seating for their comfort.

Safety audits

Safety audits for playgrounds are a great way to ensure that your equipment and surfacing are safe for children to use. An audit will show you any hazards and allow you to fix them quickly. It will also help limit your organization’s liability and offer written proof of care. The benefits of a safety audit are many.

A safety audit will include a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the playground. The inspector will look for hazards, such as sharp objects, entanglement hazards, and head entrapment hazards. These hazards account for many of the injuries that occur on playgrounds. The inspector will also measure the depth of the playground surfacing using special measurement tools. The inspector will also bring a copy of the playground plan and standards, as well as a stepladder and a camera to take pictures.

Inspection of equipment

Inspecting playground equipment is an important part of keeping your child safe. Whether it’s a swing set, a slide, or a climbing frame, it should be free of broken or sharp parts. You should also check for loose or worn parts. Metal equipment should have no rust spots or exposed bolts. Check swing sets for S-hooks, which should be closed and free from worn hooks. The fence surrounding the playground should also be in good condition. Chains should not have any visible imperfections.

When inspecting playground equipment, it is best to do it regularly when the equipment is available for children to use. Even if the equipment is not in use, it is important to keep an eye on it because vandals can cause major problems overnight.

Safety surfacing materials

There are many factors to consider when choosing a safe surfacing material for a playground. One of the most important is color. Dark colors absorb heat and keep the surface warmer, while light colors reflect dirt more easily. A blend of light and dark colors can maximize each color’s benefits. Earth-tone colors tend to resist UV rays better than brighter colors.

The best surfacing material for a 안전놀이터 is one that is easy to clean and maintain. A durable, seamless bonded rubber surface is a great option for playgrounds. However, this type of surfacing is very expensive to install. It is also necessary to have a trained contractor to install the material, and it will likely need to be repaired after many years.

Individual seating for each child

Individual seating for each child is an important part of a safe playground design. The right seating can prevent injuries and make the area more enjoyable for children. It is also important that each piece of equipment has enough space around it. Too little space can make the equipment dangerous for children. When there is not enough space, it may be necessary to move one piece of equipment to provide more space.

It is also important to provide separate areas for toddlers and older children. Toddlers need adult supervision at all times, so they should have their area away from the older children. Children below five should only play on play equipment that is less than 1.5 meters high. Equipment that is more than 76 centimeters tall should be separated by at least two meters. Separate areas should also be designated for moving equipment.

Avoiding strangulation hazards

One of the most common injuries in playgrounds is strangulation. Fortunately, there are simple ways to minimize the risk and make your playground safer. To begin, keep your children’s clothing free of drawstrings, necklaces, and loose scarves. These items can be strangulation hazards.

Avoid hanging mobiles, dummies, and other small toys. These can cause strangulation if swallowed. These items can also suffocate babies and young children. Cords on clothing are another potential hazard. Be sure to remove them before your children enter the play area. Necklaces and helmets can also be strangulation hazards.

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