How to Design a Safety Playground


When designing your 안전놀이터, there are several things to keep in mind. These include protection from sharp edges and stationary equipment, climbing, and high drops. As a parent, it’s important to keep a cool head and stay calm when your child gets hurt. While minor injuries can usually be treated with a first aid kit, you should call 911 in the event of a serious injury. In addition, you should avoid moving your child if he or she is injured and ask another adult to stay with them until help arrives.

Protection from sharp edges

One of the most important parts of safety in playgrounds is protection against sharp edges. Keeping sharp edges and tripping hazards off of playground equipment is essential to prevent injury. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent injuries at playgrounds. One of the most effective ways is to supervise children while they play. This will prevent children from running through the play area, which may present a tripping hazard. In addition, parents should encourage children to play on age-appropriate equipment to encourage their creativity.

Playground equipment should have openings no wider than 3 1/2 inches and should be free of protruding hardware and sharp points. Also, the equipment should be labeled to identify what age it is intended for. In addition, the equipment should have contact information for the owner. Also, sandboxes should be located to the side of the playground, with a minimum depth of two centimeters.

Impact with stationary equipment

The two main causes of injuries in a safe playground are impacts with stationary equipment and contact with sharp edges of playground equipment. Additionally, playgrounds that aren’t properly maintained present additional risks. These extra hazards include trash, rusty play equipment, and damaged fall surfaces. To reduce the risk of playground injuries, playgrounds should be maintained regularly and under close adult supervision. A qualified adult should monitor children’s play, teach them the proper use of equipment, and enforce playground rules.

This study used 22 pieces of playground equipment, including seven jungle gyms, two tube slides, and two pieces of stationary equipment. Children in each sample were aged three to five, and parents provided consent before participating. The researchers observed the children’s behavior while they used each piece of equipment for 10 minutes.


Climbing in a safe playground is a great activity for children of all ages. It helps them develop their strength, coordination, and balance. With practice, they can become master climbers. However, it is important to follow some safety guidelines to keep your children safe. This article will give you some tips and tricks to keep your children 안전놀이터while climbing.

The first step is to ensure that the equipment you choose meets safety standards. This can be done by looking for a safety label on the equipment. Climbing equipment has to be made out of a safe material. If it’s a free-standing climber, make sure to purchase a replacement from the same manufacturer to ensure a good fit and proper connection. Also, be sure to check the name of the manufacturer on the post toppers.

High drops

Safety is the top priority when it comes to playgrounds, and there are some basic rules to follow to make sure your playground is safe for kids. To begin, consider which age groups can safely use certain equipment, such as short slides and bucket swings. Also, make sure climbing equipment is not more than 32 inches off the ground.

Fortunately, ASTM has established several standards for safety on playground equipment. The F1292 standard, for example, was introduced in 1999 to help prevent deaths and serious injuries in playgrounds. It lists the requirements for impact attenuation performance of playground equipment and the installed surface.


Shade structures are a great option for playgrounds. They are easy to install and can provide an area for children to play that is cool and safe. Playground Outfitters can help you decide on the type of shade structure that will best meet your needs. Shade structures are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Shading a playground will also help protect children from harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays cause skin cancer and can cause painful sunburn. Even on cloudy days, ultraviolet rays can damage skin cells.

Adult supervision

Adult supervision at safety playgrounds is vital to ensure the safety of children. When an adult is supervising, they should create surveillance zones, which enable them to focus their attention on certain areas. They should also avoid distractions. They should limit their conversations with other adults to a minimum, and they should also refrain from using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Another important aspect of safety playground supervision is to make sure that there is enough adult staff. This is essential because an adult cannot supervise all of the children at once. The number of adults needed to oversee the playground is dependent on the number of children playing in it. Another factor is the size of the playground.

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