How to Download an Instagram Story?

Instagram Story

Instagram has been an extremely famous social media platform for the past few years. Its popularity allows you to explore new trends and businesses, at just a simple click. With endless creative features, Instagram stories are one of the most easy and fun to manage.

Stories last for 24 hours and that is where one tends to lose a lot of creative ideas. But with the help of a story saver, you can now keep your favorite stories with yourself for as long as you want.

How to Download Instagram Stories?

Creativity is an essential key for success on Instagram. If you are unique, followers will certainly appreciate you. As a beginner, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and confused as to where to begin and how to stand out.

Thus, looking at the top influencers, businesses and bloggers can be extremely helpful. Saving some inspirational posts and stories can help you gather ideas.

So if you are wondering how to save Instagram stories without any hassle; we are here to help. Here is an easy way to do so.

Instagram story downloaders are now accessible online. These third party websites help you download content from websites that do not allow you to do so easily or directly. They work similarly to YouTube downloaders. However, it is important to certify that you are using a reputable downloader.

Is it Safe to Use Instagram Story Downloaders?

Yes. it is safe to use these third party website downloaders. Yet again, you need to conduct research before using a downloader to ensure that it is safe to use. The world of the internet is filled with scammers as well. And to stay safe, you need to put in a little effort.

Read reviews about the downloader you plan to use. Are the users happy with it? Also, never opt for paid Instagram story downloaders. They offer the same features as those of free ones. Thus, there is no additional feature that you should be paying for.

However, it is important to mention here that Instagram downloaders are safe to use, only if you are not stealing someone’s content or claiming it to be yours. if you are saving the stories for your entertainment purposes, it is fine and safe and legal to use.

Is it Legal?

It isn’t defined whether it is legal or illegal to save Instagram stories. Yet again, if you are not stealing someone’s content; you can save the content for inspirational purposes. Your usage will define the safety of it, for you.


Downloading an Instagram story from a third party website is easy and quick. The websites are straightforward to use and quickly help you save your desired stories and videos to your desktop and phone.

You can also screenshot the story. But in case of videos, a screenshot won’t help. Thus, to maintain the quality of the stories, you can easily use a third-party website to help you out.

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