How to Keep Your Safety Playground Safe for Children?


To ensure your playground is safe for children, you should conduct regular inspections. In addition to installing protective surfacing, you should make sure that 안전놀이터 equipment doesn’t have sharp edges or drawstrings. This way, you can prevent injuries and keep your kids happy and safe. Read on to learn more about how to keep your playground safe.

Protective surfacing for playground equipment

Choosing the right protective surfacing for playground equipment is essential for the safety of children. Luckily, there are several options available. The surfacing for your playground should meet the ASTM F1292 safety standard. It should also extend at least six feet from your playground equipment. This way, it will protect against impacts that can cause head injuries.

Protective surfaces for playground equipment are also useful in protecting against falls. Children who fall from playground equipment are more likely to sustain head injuries. While protective surfacing can reduce the severity of some injuries, there is still no way to prevent all falls. However, it can significantly reduce the chances of life-threatening head injuries and fractures.

Preventing injuries from playground equipment

One of the most important aspects of playground safety is to keep children from falling from playground equipment. Injuries resulting from falls account for about 75 percent of all playground injuries, so it’s essential to make sure the surface is made of shock-absorbing materials. Additionally, children should be taught to use the equipment properly and to hold onto it with both hands. Also, make sure that the equipment is free of any signs of wear and tear, especially the wooden parts.

Most studies have reported injury rates based on the population at large, which may be underestimating overall rates. They may also underestimate age-specific injury rates. And only a handful of studies have looked at the use of safe playground equipment and its safety in individual playgrounds.

Avoiding drawstrings

Drawstrings can cause choking and strangulation. Parents should avoid letting their young children wear drawstring shirts, hoodies, or other clothing that can get caught in 안전놀이터equipment. They should also make sure that their child wears sturdy shoes and no loose clothing. Drawstrings also pose a choking hazard, so make sure to take them off your child’s clothing before you go to the safe playground.

CPSC statistics show that there are 21 reported childhood deaths from entanglement with drawstrings. Ten of these deaths involved drawstrings and were from strangulation. Two of these deaths involved playground structures not specified in the report, three were from a crib, and one was from a fence. Other deaths involved drawstring entanglements in other structures, such as a lamp, escalator, hand grinder, and home stairway handrail.

Avoiding leashes

Leashes are a great tool for anchoring a child to an adult so that they don’t bolt into the crowd and get lost. Leashes are especially popular with “runners,” children who tend to run and explore open spaces. This kind of behavior can seem a bit reckless to a parent or early childhood educator. However, young children are still developing their motor skills and have a lot of energy.

While leashes can provide safety and security, they can also inhibit agency in children. For example, a child who is walking and grabbing a stick or a ball may feel more threatened if he is leashed. Leashes can also hinder an individual’s ability to recognize and address problems with his or her behavior.

Avoiding bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmets save lives and reduce the risk of serious head injuries. They can also protect children from facial fractures. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), nearly 75% of bicycle-related fatalities among children could be prevented by wearing a bicycle helmet. The CPSC has a list of approved helmets you can purchase for your child.

However, studies indicate that some barriers prevent people from wearing bicycle helmets. One barrier is cost. Another is a lack of knowledge about bicycle helmets. In addition, some school-age children are afraid of being derided by their classmates if they are wearing a helmet. Despite these challenges, rates of bicycle helmet use are influenced by the same factors as seat belt usage.

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