How to put an image in a layer mask?

This guide is for you if you’re new to photo editing and want to learn how to put a picture in a layer mask. With a few simple steps, you may replicate a layer mask from any image or graphic.

This article will walk you through the entire process of adding a layer mask to an image. We will assist you in achieving a fantastic result with your photograph.

What Is a Layer Mask and What Does It Do?

By using the reverse technique, a layer mask can be utilized to hide a piece of a layer. It offers more options for editing than simply wiping or deleting a layer portion. Layer masking can be used to make image composites, chop out pieces for reuse in other projects, and restrict changes to a specific area of a layer.

A layer mask might be black, white, or grey in color. One way to achieve this is to draw on the layer mask.

The Mask’s contained layer is hidden by a layer mask with black on it, letting you to see what’s beneath it. The gray color on a layer mask, on the other hand, partially hides the mask layer. On a layer mask, the layer that holds the Mask is represented in white.

In photo editing, when you “mask” an image, you’re limiting the display of a specific layer or correction. It also allows you to make changes to a small section of your image while leaving the rest unaffected. You could, for example, create a mask to emphasize your object while leaving the background alone.

Simply said, masking adjustments allow you to fine-tune the location and direction of image altering changes.

How to Put an Image in a Layer Mask in 5 Easy Steps

Adding a picture to a layer mask is a straightforward procedure. To effortlessly complete the process using Photoshop editor, follow these 5 steps.

1st step

Making a layer change is the first stage in the procedure. After you’ve created the modified layer, you’ll need to choose a layer mask for your image. You may quickly select the ideal layer mask by selecting the mask option in the photo editor tool.

2nd Step

After you’ve chosen the layer mask, it’s time to choose the image. In the editor tool, there is an image tab. Find and select the “Apply Image” option under that menu. While clicking on the “Apply Image” option, make sure the layer mask option is selected.

3rd step

It’s now time to select the image’s layer mask. To apply to the Mask, you’ll find many layers. Choose your favorite and proceed to the next step.

4th step

You must select a correct blending mode in this stage. The blending mode allows your layer to react appropriately to the image layer beneath it.

5th step

Make the necessary adjustments to the layer mask you applied to the image now. To apply a Curves Adjustment to the Mask directly, use a white or black brush or Cmd/CTRL.

When you press Cmd/CTRL to show or hide the Gradient Map Adjustment effect, this is the result. Remember that black hides and white reveals.


So now you know how to use the Photoshop tool to place a picture in a layer mask. The five simple steps are simple to follow. All you need now is the tool itself, and you can begin editing and applying the layer mask to the image you want to work on.

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