Rules For a Safe Playground


There are several rules to make your 안전놀이터. These rules include Surfaces and Equipment to avoid; and Entrapment and Strangulation hazards. By following these rules, you will make your playground a safe place for your kids. This will ensure your kids stay healthy and happy. Also, you will feel more confident as you supervise the activities of your kids.

Safety rules for a safe playground

Creating safety rules for a playground can help ensure that children are safe. By setting clear rules, playgrounds can reduce the risk of injury and liability, while teaching kids about acceptable behavior. When planning playground rules, make sure to consider the community where the playground is located. Make sure that rules are in the right language and are easily understood by the children.

Playground equipment should be in good condition and firmly anchored to the ground. Be sure to remove any equipment with sharp edges or rusted hardware. The ground should also be level and free from debris. Children should not play on broken glass, animal feces, or uneven surfaces.

Equipment to Avoid

Playground equipment should be carefully chosen to prevent injuries. Playgrounds should have a wide range of playground equipment with a minimum of three inches of space between different pieces and no sharp points, “S” hooks, or protruding bolt ends. Parents should supervise children on the playground at all times. Small children are less aware of distances and can be frightened easily by unfamiliar equipment. Even older children can test their limits and fall into dangerous situations.

The safe playgrounds should be inspected regularly for sharp objects and loose parts. Look for rust or splinters on metal playground equipment. The ground should also be free of debris. Children should always take turns using equipment and should be taught not to push or shove other children. A playground should also have a fence that is in good condition and does not have unintended openings. Additionally, the fence should have no protruding objects or protruding parts, which can entangle clothing and cause cuts.

Surfaces to use

Choosing a surface for a playground is an important part of creating a 안전놀이터 environment. There are a variety of materials you can use, each with different benefits and drawbacks. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) publishes information about the various materials for playgrounds. These publications are useful in choosing the right material for your playground.

Rubber tiles are a common type of playground safety surface, and are available in a range of colors and textures. They are easy to clean and maintain but don’t appeal to animals. Another great option is rubber mulch, which has the look and feels of wood chips but is made of recycled tires. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly surfaces for playgrounds and has a low maintenance cost.

Entrapment and Strangulation hazards

Entrapment and strangulation hazards in playgrounds can cause serious injuries and even death. A professional playground inspector can identify these hazards and recommend remedies. Entrapment hazards are particularly dangerous on slides, where a child caught by the neck is unable to fight gravity to free themselves. To prevent entrapment and strangulation, playground equipment should be properly maintained and free of loose objects. Moreover, children should not wear loosely fitted or ill-fitting clothing.

Play equipment should be safe and contain locking devices. It should be ideally free of wood ends, “S” hooks, and sharp points. Playground equipment must also be free from protruding bolt ends and openings. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that openings on playground equipment should be less than three and one-half inches apart.

Colors to consider

Colors play a big role in children’s development. Bright colors encourage more energy in play and help kids develop cooperative and social skills. Bright colors are also associated with happiness, according to a study from the University of California. Bright colors evoke positive emotions, while darker hues are associated with negative emotions. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the colors of playground surfacing to promote a happy and healthy atmosphere for children. However, choosing colors for a playground can be difficult. Many materials are not capable of providing a range of vibrant kid-friendly colors.

A vibrant palette is essential for playgrounds. Bright colors make outdoor spaces look exciting and alive, and can also inspire creativity. Kate Smith, a color expert, says that green, purple, and orange are all excellent choices for play areas. Green is a calming color, while orange and purple are stimulating and encourage socialization.

Inspection of playground equipment

Inspection of playground equipment for safe play is very important and should be carried out as often as possible. Whether the equipment is in use or not, it should be inspected at least once a month. It is also a good idea to inspect surfacing elements regularly. The frequency of inspection depends on the material used for surfacing and the height of the play elements.

A playground inspection must look for tripping hazards and sharp points. Look for things like exposed concrete footings, rocks, and tree stumps. Also, ensure that the playground has guardrails on elevated areas.

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