Shiprocket Vs Nimbuspost. Which One Is Better For Ecom Sellers?

Any business that sees a larger convergence of orders is progressing. In any event, increased development entails more challenges. As your income grows, you’ll have a lot more to think about in terms of how to maintain the business growing.

Because a single delivery partner has a limited delivery reach, it may limit your client base to specific areas. At this point, you’ll need a large number of dispatch partners to keep up with the growing number of orders. Nonetheless, you should limit your transportation spending to a minimum in order to maintain the level of productivity you achieved by going for gold.

Outsourcing logistics administrations from numerous companies can be a time-consuming process. Investing time and resources into locating various transportation organisations, whether you’re a newly established internet-based firm or have grown into a prestigious eCommerce stage, would not be a wise decision.

To avoid this time-consuming task, businesses are turning to dispatch aggregators, also known as logistics partners, who have agreements with several messenger partners. Nimbuspost and Shiprocket are two examples of transportation services that can help you handle your orders quickly and affordably.

Online retailers can reduce shipping costs by storing products close to their customers thanks to increased stock space in overall distribution hubs. They can communicate in even the most remote regions because they can transport across 29,000+ pin codes.

1. What is NimbusPost?

NimbusPost is a delivery service that was founded in 2019 with the specific goal of providing tech-enabled logistics administrations. It offers a very responsive framework for interacting with a variety of dispatch partners and has over 27000 pin codes. ShipRocket is a delivery specialty co-op established in Gurugram. It claims to be able to deliver services to 29,000 pin codes through 14 messenger partners.

Nimbus Post Highlights

NimbusPost enables you to collaborate with 15+ delivery partners and eCommerce platforms, as well as receive continual tracking notifications.

You can compare transporter charges with NimbusPost before deciding on a transporter for each request.Provide clients with faster conveyancing options, such as same-day and 24-hour conveyancing, and reduce conveyance time.

NimbusPost grants you access to storage facilities all over the world, allowing you to keep track of stock and livestock updates in real time.

NimbusPost also offers a fortnightly COD payment option

Pros: NimbusPost has been described as one of the most cost-effective logistics partners, making it ideal for merchants who receive a significant frequency of COD requests.

Cons: NimbusPost is best suited for small businesses rather than large corporations; nonetheless, a COD compromise should be made.

Cost: NimbusPost provides a beginner plan for Rs.27/500 gms, followed by a basic plan for Rs.25/500 gms.

Tracking: You’ll need the Order Id and AWB Number to monitor a Nimbus Post courier.

2. What is ShipRocket?

ShipRocket is a dispatch aggregator that was founded in 2011 and provides enterprises with quick and easy access to a variety of carriers. ShipRocket also provides a dashboard where multi-transporter orders may be viewed and tracked in real time.

ShipRocket’s Highlights

You can easily arrange with more than 17 different high-positioning dispatch partners and track orders with Ship Rocket.

With Ship Rocket, you may compare transporter delivering rates before allotment, with restrictions set, and choose the most savvy delivering option.

From a single brought-together dashboard, you can view, oversee, and follow the situations with all orders.

Print shipping labels through a computerized process and have access to protection rates for your shipments.

Pros: Ship Rocket is great for small businesses looking to expand quickly by partnering with a variety of transporters at a low cost.

Cons: Organizations associated with ShipRocket frequently experience weight differences when charging.

Cost: Ship with ShipRocket at a base rate of Rs.19/500 gms, and also look at long haul plans that start at Rs.29/500 gms.

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