Should You Go For MBA Or Get A Job?

MBA Or Get A Job

After graduation, it is a very hard and, at the same time, very crucial job to decide which path you need to choose. Deciding on what you want depends on a lot of factors. An MBA is a very good way to excel in a career path and make your way into the competitive business world. But MBA is nothing less of an investment.

You need to invest the money as well as your time if you plan on pursuing this degree. It is a two-year degree program, and only if you can afford it do you need to consider committing.

Whereas, a job can also be beneficial for you and also economical if you want to get started in the labor force as soon as possible. What you should go for completely depends on you and what you are good at, and which career you see yourself pursuing.

The following reasons might help you choose which career path you should choose from.

Why choose MBA

When you decide on doing a postgraduate master’s degree in business administration, you should choose MBA career paths that are most beneficial for you. If you want to enter the competitive business market, then an MBA degree and the financial investment in that degree are so worth it.

These days there are a plethora of business graduates trying to find work and make their way to a top, successful firm and land a job that pays well, so you really need to show your credibility and distinguish yourself from the others. An MB degree provides you with many opportunities, especially if you do it from a well-regarded business school.

Learn skills

With an MBA degree, you can learn and specialize in many streams of business. MBA classes will help you develop key skills necessary to make a company successful. 

It teaches you leadership skills, good communication, and managerial skills, makes a networking system, creates reports, and hires the most talented individuals to take on the business activity. 

MBA uses real-world scenarios and case studies for you to develop confidence and experience to take on whatever job you want.


MBA students have a wide variety of subjects that they can specialize in if they want to enter a specific area of the business industry.

From human resources to finance, you can do whatever you are passionate about. General management is an area of specialization that develops the main skills that can help you all around the business activity and develop entrepreneurial skills.

You can study international business if you are interested in working for big international firms like Facebook, Amazon, etc. since interlinked trade is growing, so are businesses, and this degree is very popular among graduates. 

Another area of specialization is finance; it is great for bankers, chief financial officials, and finance managers.

Marketing is a creative field that you can choose if you have an interest in media and promotions. Similarly, there are many other MBA streams to choose from, including human resources, consulting, IT management, and entrepreneurship.

Salary and network

A postgraduate degree is an excellent addition to the CV and can result in a job that promises job security and a high salary. You are more likely to get high positions in firms and a high salary that in the US is around $100,000 per year.

Coupled with the network you can make with your fellow students pursuing a postgraduate degree; you get to make networks that are going to end up at high positions that might benefit you in the future.

These are some of the benefits that you’ll get when you go for an MBA.

Getting a job:

It is equally important to have experience working in the business since most large firms are asking for past experience. You might get the upper hand when going for such interviews with MBA graduates. Thus, it completely depends on your preferences and circumstances. It might not put you at a disadvantage.


MBA graduates are not paid more; the salary depends on the position in the company that you are able to get. So it does not spend the type of qualification you receive but on the type of job that you’re able to get.

Moreover, the MBA degree is only beneficial if you go to a renowned institute; however, we all know that it can be very expensive and not economical at all. So if you don’t want to pursue an MBA, you can go for a job instead and get the experience that will help you land a better job in the future.

No investment

While you won’t have to worry about paying for your post-graduate degree, you can start earning and paying off any debt that you might have had for your undergraduate study. This can take a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Thus finding a job is a better way to practically understand what you want to do in the future and get the expertise required rather than spending a huge amount on an MBA.

Save time

The two years that you might spend doing your MBA might use up the precious time that you have to relax and find your way around what you want to do, and once your studies are over, you might have this huge responsibility on you to pay debts or get a house.

If you get a job right after your graduation, you can spend these two years trying out new fields, managing finances, getting a place to live, and excelling in your career.

Thus, whether you should pursue a postgraduate MBA degree or look for a job, there is no right answer; you need both to get a high-paying job that can help you with your future.

It completely depends on you and what you feel is the right step you need to take, considering your circumstances and your future security and well-being. So whatever it is that you choose will have downsides as well as upsides; you need to figure out for yourself which path has the most upsides for you.