The best PDF editor recommended Top5

The best PDF editor recommended Top5

PDF Editors what’s Best to Use? This article lists 5 PDF editor online from around the world, including a free Online pdf editor , users who want to choose the best editor may wish to refer to the following articles.

Top 1. Abcdpdf

The best PDF

This is an online PDF editor that has brought surprises to countless users. Why is it used to describe it as surprise? Not only should it be its versatile editing functions and efficient processing time, but there is also a point that other products do not have, and that is free online editing. Just imagine, before you host a meeting or lecture, you only need to insert the USB flash drive that stores the original file into other people’s computers to make a PDF presentation. All you need to do is visit the platform aggregation page and select Online pdf editor , you can edit text and pictures, as well as mark, highlight, erase, and sign existing content .

Below is the Online pdf All editor functions:

function name effect
Edit A blue dashed box will appear. When encountering an editable paragraph, it will turn into a “finger” icon. At this time, click the left button to add text, delete, change format, change color, bold, and underline the paragraph.
Add Image After clicking, select the local image and drag it to the desired position with the mouse.
Highlight Area Drag the quad to make the coverage change color.
Highlight Text The cursor can only select text and highlight text or paragraphs.
Eraser Drag the quad to leave the overlay area blank.
Redat Drag the selection to turn the area into a black layer.
Draw After selecting this plugin, you can draw lines in the PDF content selection area.
Text Box Drag the selection to resize the text box, then edit the text.
Replace For text replacement, input the characters before replacement in the front box, and input the characters displayed after replacement in the rear box.
Shapes Use circles and ovals to mark content.
Signature Sign, enter text on the left, the effect will be displayed on the right, and you can choose a color.


advantage shortcoming
efficient Collaborative office function is under development
Edit online without taking up space  
Multifunctional product aggregation page  

Top 2. Adobe Acrobat

The best PDF

The PDF format launched by Adobe is a brand-new electronic document format. With Acrobat, you can publish almost any document in Portable Document Format (PDF). Documents in PDF format faithfully retain their original appearance and content, as well as fonts and images. Such documents can be sent via e-mail, or they can be stored on the WWW, intranet, file system, or CD-ROM .

Adobe Acrobat provides a safe and efficient document management experience for individuals or enterprises. It is compatible with mainstream platforms such as Win, Mac, iOS, and Android. Its business-style interface design is quite satisfactory and has a very high professional advantage.

However, at the same time, some of its features are hidden deep and not easy to find. In addition, Adobe Acrobat has the disadvantages of high cost, complex functions, and high learning costs. It is relatively smooth for skilled users, but newbies may need to get used to it for a while.


advantage shortcoming
Works with multiple systems expensive
Accurate scanning function need to download
full functioning The function is slightly complicated
interrupt save  

Top 3. LibreOffice Draw

The best PDF

LibreOffice Draw, part of the LibreOffice Draw open source office software suite, allows users to load and edit PDF files and is completely free. LibreOffice Draw is a free and open source vector graphics editor that is bundled with the LibreOffice Office suite, but can also be used to edit PDF files, and it comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions.

It is a basic PDF editor limited to basic document editing, it enables users to make minor changes to their PDF files, mostly text editing.


advantage shortcoming
Focus on open source vector graphics editing complex operation
Simple interface The processing effect is not stable
Support for vector graphics editing  

Top 4. LibreOffice DrawOkular

The best PDF

Okular is a popular free and open source file viewer developed by the KDE team that supports basic PDF editing functions, but does not allow you to edit PDF files directly, instead you need to select the text you want to edit and make changes from the clipboard. It has many annotation functions, such as embedded notes, pop-up notes, freehand notes, freehand line drawing, highlighter, stamps, etc.


Personalized annotation function Editing PDF is cumbersome
Open source, can be installed from stock  
Support for multiple platforms  

Top 5. Xournal++

The best PDF

Xournal++ is a cross-platform, open-source, note-taking software that can be written in C++. Its goals are flexibility, functionality, and speed. It has some features and is partly based on Xournal Code.

Xournal++ enables PDF text editing, resizing, rotation, page preview and PDF bookmarking, as well as annotating on top of PDFs.


Free and open source Editing PDF is cumbersome
Add and edit text images in files Some commonly used functions are not supported
Support for multiple platforms  


PDF Editors what’s Best to Use? This article shares the most trusted best online pdf editor for you , Top1 is an online tool under the AbcdPDF platform, which combines the advantages of multiple functions, high security, and fast speed, and is permanently free, allowing users to save money and worry.

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