The Best Way to Create a Safety Playground


There are several ways to create a safe playground. Here are three of them: Unitary Surfacing Material, Guardrail, and Infill. Each of these components is important for the overall 안전놀이터of your children. Using them properly can help ensure your children’s safety. Also, make sure your playground is designed to be easily maintained.

Safe playground design

Safe playground design can help reduce the risk of severe injuries for children. Young children are developing their motor skills and are not always able to recognize dangers, so careful planning is essential to keep kids safe. Playground injuries can range from cuts, sprains, and fractures to burns and entrapment. These injuries often result from collisions with playground equipment.

Unitary Surfacing Material

One of the most important considerations when installing a safety playground is choosing the right surfacing material. A unitary surface is not only safer than loose-fill options but also easier to maintain. However, this type of surfacing is more expensive than loose-fill options. It is also important to choose a durable surfacing material that is accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.


A guardrail is an essential component of a safe playground. It prevents children from falling through openings, which is one of the most common playground injuries. It is recommended to install a guardrail around any elevated play structure if it is more than 20 inches high.


Infill is an important component of playground safety, as it cushions falls and absorbs impact. However, it can be hazardous when children are exposed to it in large quantities. This is why it’s vital to use safe playground infill materials. There are many options for infill, including rubber mulch, wood chips, and pea gravel.

Protective Barrier

A protective barrier is a must-have accessory for any safe playground. Children should not be exposed to sharp points, especially if the playground is outdoors. Besides, a barrier can also be an excellent way to prevent falls. Sharp points or rough surfaces can cause an injury. You should regularly inspect the 안전놀이터equipment to ensure that there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces. You should also make sure that elevated platforms are not too high or too low for toddlers.

Climbing structures

The safety of a playground with climbing structures depends on the height and design of the equipment. Children should not play on structures that are eight feet or higher, as the risk of falling is much greater. It is also important to keep in mind that climbing equipment can be dangerous when wet. In addition, parents must monitor their children while they are on the structures.

Bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmets are an important component of bicycle safety equipment. Children should wear one while riding their bicycles to avoid injuries. These helmets should fit correctly and snugly on the head. If the straps are too loose, the helmet may not fit properly and may cause a child to suffer an injury.

Falling hazards

Falling hazards are often caused by play equipment that is not designed with safety in mind. Some playground equipment, such as swing sets, does not have protective barriers or safety rails and may cause a child to fall. Other examples include open slide beds and climbing frames. Falls on these structures can be more dangerous than falling on the ground, so it is important to use proper fall prevention and injury severity reduction measures. Another important factor to consider is the surfacing of playgrounds.


Providing supervision for children at a playground is crucial to ensuring the safety of children and preventing accidents. To maintain proper supervision, staff should be able to see all areas of the play area at one time. This means that staff must rotate frequently. They should also be trained on published rules and procedures and should use child-friendly language.

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