The Risks of Playing at Unregulated Online Casinos in the US


There are lots of online casinos in the United States. Some are legal and regulated, while other offshore unregulated operators continue to take wagers from the US residents. With the unregulated online casinos, you have no confidence that the games are fair and your money will be safe.

Most of these casinos offer huge signup bonuses and incentives to attract new potential people to their betting sites. Here are the risks of playing at unregulated online casinos in the US.

Complicated payment processing

One of the most frustrating risks associated with playing at unregulated online casinos is the complication surrounding the payment processing. Most of these casino sites have scrupulous payment methods that lead to easy credit depositing and withdrawing.

Sometimes when the players try to withdraw the money, they realize that the operator is not trustworthy as they once believed. To avoid this, look for a land-based casino that offers online gambling products. Being developed by one of the most traditional casinos in the USA, Parx online casinos are very safe and offer some of the best bonuses in the states where they are present.

Poor customer care services

Most unregulated online casinos allow you to start gambling when you have a certain amount of bitcoins or money in your account. The worst thing that can happen is that your account can be shut down, and you will have no customer care representative to talk to. Behind every unregulated casino, most owners are just fellow residents interested in making money.

That’s why dealing with customer care representatives is a nightmare for most people who play at unregulated online casinos. Most of the operators have offices located in remote places. Regulated casinos are highly scrutinized, and they have experienced customer care representatives. 

Security issues

Most unregulated online casinos have security issues. You will have no comfort when playing on these sites as they are not highly scrutinized or under tight security. Just imagine giving your bank information to an unregulated offshore gambling site. Sometimes, these casinos are full of scammers. 

The only way to avoid online scammers and ensure that you are safe when betting online is by using a regulated casino. There are protections from the heavily-regulated market. So, you can take comfort in that the casino you use is under heavy scrutiny, and there is no fishy deal.

Lack of continuity

Just imagine waking up and getting the sad news that the casino account you have been using has been shut down or merged with another. If the casino is shut down, you will lose a lot of money as some owners will refuse to pay.

Due to lack of continuity, it will be tough for you to assume that any deposit made to the account is safe. That’s especially when rolling out new games. The lack of continuity is mainly caused by the fact that they have little to no oversight and can disappear at any time. 

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