There are several major playgrounds in the area


Major Playground is a social network for creators, which makes it easier for people to discover and support new artists. It also allows these creators to monetize their audience. The 메이저놀이터 platform is free and open to creators in gaming, wellness, and cultural spaces. Some creators have already joined the platform, including the House of Yes nightclub, activist Nupol Kizolu, and the Writers Club.

Wright Brothers Playground

The Wright Brothers Playground is a playground in Manhattan, New York. It is named after the American aeronautical pioneers, Orville, and Wilbur Wright. The playground includes two basketball and handball courts, a spray shower, swings, and a comfort station. It also has a flagpole and a yardarm. There are also various play structures, such as a London plane tree.

Diana Ross Playground

A visit to the Diana Ross Major Playground is a great way to experience the city’s natural beauty. Located in Central Park, the playground includes a giant timber fort, a sandbox, and various swings and slides. It also includes metal, super-long slide with a catching mechanism.

The playground is a gift from Diana Ross herself to the community. She gave two legendary concerts in Central Park in 1983 and pledged to donate the proceeds of her show to help build the playground. She canceled the show one night due to a thunderstorm, but she continued to donate the remaining funds. The playground was opened three years later. This donation represents the artist’s dedication to the community. Although the construction took place over the summer, the weather conditions were not ideal.

The name of the Diana Ross Major Playground caused controversy when the singer was criticized by Sandra Bernhard during an appearance on ABC’s The View in June 2006. Bernhard said that the name of the playground was not appropriate because it prompted children to play viciously, backstab, and throw their arms up in front of others.

Nashville Zoo Playground

The Nashville Zoo at grass mere is a zoological garden and historic plantation farmhouse located 6 miles southeast of Downtown Nashville. In 2014, the zoo ranked as middle Tennessee’s top-paid attraction, containing 6,230 animals in 339 species on its 188-acre campus.

The 메이저놀이터 has an inclusive design and has equipment for children of all abilities. It is home to an interactive jungle gym and modified swings. It also features zip lines and climbing structures. The Nashville Zoo Playground is an ideal location for families with children who need extra assistance. This nonprofit organization has been active in the local community, helping children with disabilities and terminal illnesses find places to play.

In addition to its incredible animals, Nashville Zoo Playground is home to over 66,000 square feet of play space. The largest community-built playground in the United States, it is also the perfect destination for families. It has regular events for children, and sleepovers are held twice a year.

Kensington Palace Playground

The Diana Memorial Playground has many attractions for kids, including a wooden pirate ship and beach. There are also sculptures in this playground dedicated to the former Princess of Wales. Children will enjoy playing in this place while learning about Diana’s life and legacy. It is the perfect place for families to come together and have fun.

Opened in 2000, this beautiful playground is suitable for children aged one to twelve. There are swings, and a pirate ship, as well as a sensory area where children can explore the smell of different plants. It is a great place to spend a sunny day with the children. Moreover, the playground is also well-equipped with toilets and baby-changing facilities. In addition, there is a cafe on the site that sells refreshments, sandwiches, and ice cream.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground: The Diana Memorial Playground opened in June 2000 and is a popular spot for children. It is located next to Kensington Palace and is visited by over one million people every year. The playground is a fitting tribute to the beloved Princess Diana, who was fascinated with childhood.

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