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In this piece, we’ll look at the qualifications of Mumbai-based celebrity dermatologist Dr. Niketa Sonavane. She specializes in hair and skin issues and will spend 30 minutes with you to build a treatment plan that is unique to you. Dr. Niketa Sonavane has been practicing¬†medicine in Mumbai for more than 20 years, but it’s because she cares about her patients that she’s so well-liked.

Dr. Niketa Sonavane is a Mumbai-based celebrity dermatologist

Look no further than Dr. Niketa Sonavane if you’re seeking for a celebrity dermatologist in Mumbai. She is the creator of Ambrosia Aesthetics and has vast experience in the field of dermatology. She also offers sophisticated pigmentation treatments such as the Obagi Blue Peel, Cosmelan peel, PRP therapy, microneedling, and glutathione injection. Dr. Niketa Sonavane treats skin cancer and a variety of other skin problems in addition to dark circles. Dr. Niketa Sonavane is a Mumbai-based cosmetic dermatologist who also practices as a hair and kid skin specialist. Dr. Niketa Sonavane, a multi-award-winning dermatologist, has won multiple awards in her clinical practice over the last fifteen years. Her clinic, which offers Botox, dermal fillers, and chemical peels, is one of the best in Mumbai.

She specializes on skin and hair problems

Dr. Niketa Sonavane is a dermatologist in Mumbai who specializes in skin and hair problems. The Kaya Customer First Award has been given to her. She is one of the city’s most sought-after dermatologists. Dr. Niketa is a dermatologist who also practices dermatologic surgery, face aesthetics, and dermal fillers. She is a board-certified dermatologist with more than 13 years of expertise in the field. Fellowships in aesthetic treatment and cosmetic dermatology are among her qualifications. She has also given several speeches on the issue. Patients value her candor and willingness to customize treatment alternatives to fit their budget. Dr. Niketa Sonavane has a strong personal relationship with her patients, which you will appreciate.

She gives you 30 minutes of her time to listen to you

A dermatologist who has spent years treating pigmentation in Mumbai and has a lot of experience may not take the time to listen to your issues or comprehend them. Dr. Niketa Sonavane, on the other hand, is not your ordinary dermatologist. She will listen to you for at least 30 minutes, or until you have fully described your situation. She’s also a dermatologist with a special interest in skin care, so she can suggest a treatment plan that’s right for you.

She devises the most effective treatment strategy for you

Dr. Niketa Sonavane, a celebrity dermatologist in Mumbai, and her team of medical specialists specialize in skin care and cosmetic procedures. Laser hair removal, hair growth injections, and hair transplant options are among her therapies. She has received extensive training in skin laser treatments, ensuring faultless outcomes. In Mumbai, she provides a variety of treatments for various types of skin disorders, including acne, rosacea, and pigmentation.

For a non-surgical face lift, she uses Botox and Dermal Fillers

Skin boosters can help to reverse the signs of ageing. Patients of any age can safely have the operation. It’s best for dry, aged skin, but younger individuals like the dewy effect it gives them. Antibiotics must be provided to hypertensive and diabetic individuals. Patients must also refrain from taking aspirin for a week before to the treatment, as the medicine can cause bruising. Dr. Niketa Sonavane is an Indian dermatologist who practices in Mumbai. Her practice focuses on anti-aging and skin treatments. She has been named India Today’s “Top Skin Doctor” and has garnered numerous honors for her clinical expertise. Dr. Niketa finished her post-graduate studies under some of the world’s greatest dermatologists after getting her medical degree.


Dr. Niketa Sonavane specializes in treating acne scars, skin whitening, anti-aging treatments, and hair loss treatment, in addition to pigmentation. Her therapies are safe, effective, and extremely personalised, and she is a board-certified dermatologist. You’ll leave her office with a greater sense of self-assurance about your skin and appearance.

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