Top 5 Games for Couch Potato Gamers

Couch Potato Gamers

Couch potato gamers mostly look for games they can beat. They might likely ignore a game they feel will not give them an edge. While they could be looking for the easiest games to play, couch potato players can have attractive opportunities to take advantage of various lazy games. Lazy gaming can be a one-time thing for some people, but to others, it is something they cannot easily overcome. Here are the different types of games they can engage in.

Online slots

Online slots are computer versions of the traditional slot machines. Online slots developers added features like scatter, wild symbols, and attractive bonuses to attract players. They constitute about 70 percent of online casino games and have impressive Return to Player (RTP) that could range between 90% to 96%. Online slots are offered in a wide range of categories such as video, classic, progressive, and branded online slots.

Free games online

There are a variety of benefits you get when playing free online games. You don’t pay anything to play, and some have very good rewards. They are games you can play while enjoying Netflix and they don’t require to be downloaded or installed on a computer or smartphone. There are a variety of free solitaire games, ball pool games, car hero, jigsaw, puzzle, and candy games.

Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports give you a chance to compete against other players. When you accumulate the most points, you win. Most fantasy sports platforms charge a small fee but just like you need to learn the tricks for torrenting movies, you need to learn the tricks of the game to win more.

PC games

PC games developers are leveraging the latest technologies to create products with highly unique features. When players use graphic cards, they get a better gaming experience. PC games have evolved, and gamers have recently begun competing for money. Games titles such as The Witcher, Halo Infinite, Ghost Runner, and Dying Light 2 are very popular. They give the advantage of creating hotkeys and modifying the games. They have excellent, sharper visuals and superior accuracy.

Brain games

Brain games help improve memory by training it to focus and pay attention. A player gets improved mental agility and better reaction time. There is a wide variety of brain games such as daily crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, sudoku, premium password, cryptic, and math games.

Sports betting

Sportsbooks charge a fee on every bet a person makes to get a profit. It is easy to win in sports betting if you predict the winner correctly. For example, when you wager on money line bets, you are predicting the team that will win. Point spread focuses on a team’s margin of winning instead of the overall win. The over/under bets focus on the chances of a team going over or under certain points/goals.


eSports are new in the gambling sector, but they are almost like sports betting. Teams compete online in various games such as video games. During eSports games, you can place bets on your team and win.

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