What are the ways of marketing my edtech app?

In the ever-changing online marketing environment, marketers must know the best methods and tactics for marketing to their customers. While some of these methods are effective for marketing items and services, when it comes to marketing professional services, they must be particular and relevant.

Edtech marketing analyses the target market and adapts the services provided by schools to fit their needs and expectations using strategies, methodologies, and technologies. It is the goal of education marketing to promote the school’s value proposition and turn it into a brand. Edtech digital marketing must be able to persuade people to make a life-altering decision. The internet and digital technology can assist education marketers in presenting their best self in order to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Let’s start with the basics to grasp the top marketing tactics in Education marketing.

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Marketing fundamentals

The two main goals of marketing an educational institution should be to increase enrollments and retain students. Acquisition and retention are two terms that are widely used to describe this process.

Before you purchase marketing methods, make sure that the institution can match the expectations set forth in the marketing messaging. In order to get exceptional outcomes, you must first grasp your target audience’s expectations. It is critical to determine the geographic location of potential clients, regardless of the strategies employed.

Let’s take a look at the most effective strategies to promote an EdTech app.

* Video advertising

The majority of internet traffic is made up of videos. Videos are the most effective approach to demonstrate how your platform works to your audience. If you have a thorough, high-quality video, your viewers will be able to relate to your platform. Videos also account for a significant portion of social media sharing. This allows you to reach a larger audience.

In order to be effective, videos must be professionally developed.

Live videos can be streamed online to reach your target audience. EdTech platforms and live demos are trusted by the audience. Parents and students may be persuaded to join the programme if the video is streamed live. It also saves customers time and money by helping them to see the options and take the steps necessary to comprehend them.

* Content promotion

Content marketing is an excellent technique to highlight the institution’s competence. Potential students will be encouraged to visit websites with content and materials that are relevant to them on a frequent basis. This will boost the visibility of your platform in search engine results pages.

To increase visitors to your website, you can’t just write any content. It is critical to utilise the correct keywords in any piece of material you create for platform promotion, including whitepapers, videos, articles or webinars, and blog entries.

It must be educational, engaging, and practical. Don’t limit yourself to promotional or sales-oriented content. Because that is what you market, your content should be informative. Using high-quality, useful material to engage with creates trust and generates leads.

* Improve the app store

EdTech apps must be simple to use and have a user-friendly interface. Your content needs to be mobile-friendly for your target audience, especially if you’re a startup. If your software has been released on the App Store, you must also check that it has been optimised.

When a user searches for a phrase or company that is similar to yours, optimization will assist you in receiving recommendations from the store platform. As a result, the platform will generate more leads.

* Online public relations

Any EdTech company’s success hinges on its ability to establish credibility. This is even more significant than pricing because it boosts your internet presence and visibility. The best strategy to boost your internet visibility and presence is to write guest posts. Having the content published on a reputable blog helps to establish trust. This is especially critical when you’re just starting out.

* Optimization for search engines

SEO is a fantastic approach to boost your website’s quality traffic and attract more people. Local search and new search engines are the focus of SEO. It also has image and video search options. By optimising your application and its content for search engine results, you can improve your rating.

The best benefit is that search engine optimization is free and yet leads to a greater conversion rate. As long as your websites, pages, or platforms rank in the SERPS, traffic will increase. This is without the use of advertising funds.

To achieve the latter, the website must be user-friendly and include SEO keywords. Many off-page and on-page aspects, as well as search engine optimization factors. This audit will also look into all of the site’s flaws and issues.

* Marketing on social media

Marketers have discovered that social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are extremely useful. With their vast user base, the platforms are one of the most successful ways to advertise.

With the correct social media marketing plan, you may promote directly to your target audience depending on their demographics. You must be engaged in the conversation and reply to questions and comments. Your target audience will be engaged and informed as a result of this.

To raise brand visibility, make sure you’re on all social media sites.

* E-mail advertising

Subscriptions, internet forms, lead generating commercials, and subscriptions are all examples of ways to collect leads. This information can be linked with customer information to send out regular promotional emails and offers to customers in order to increase income.

There are numerous marketing techniques available to assist you in growing your organisation. You can segment your contact list with mail marketing automation to ensure that the right message or mail is delivered to the right person.

* Marketing with chatbots

Chatbots are the most effective approach to communicate with website users and collect data. Chatbots are far more entertaining than standard popups or online forms, and they can collect more data in less time.

Visitors’ questions are answered by chatbots. They deliver individualised responses, making for a fantastic user experience. Students and parents can use chatbots to get rapid answers to their questions.

* Rebranding

Online advertising strategies are an excellent approach to expand your company. Remarketing ads are less expensive and result in more conversions. With less expenses, you can obtain a higher ROI. Gather data from visitors and target them with the relevant adverts to boost sales.

* Client testimonials

Testimonials should be included in your live video streaming or marketing videos. Students, parents, and alumni may be invited to create a video on their application experiences. The platform can then be promoted using this information.

Last but not least

These best practises will assist you in implementing cost-effective techniques to sell your edtech application to your target market. Expand My Business is a well-known brand in the industry, having assisted numerous edtech companies in locating the best partner agency. We provide a full variety of technology consulting and project management services to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget. Call us today to get started on growing your edtech business! Also see 10 Benefits of the Best LMS Software.

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