What is Cookie Run?

Cookie Run

Cookie Run is a platform game created by Devsisters in Korea. The game was released on the 23rd of January, 2014. It was at one time one of the top-rated LINE games all over the globe (Especially within Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia) before being substituted by another LINE game. Cookie Run is an online game designed specifically for LINE, originating in Japan when it comes to LINE. It works similarly to Facebook, which allows the game to determine who your friends are playing and places them on the leaderboard. The game is heavily dependent on your friends, which is why it’s beneficial to add friends to this site.

In addition to the LINE platform, Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list also has its version available in KakaoTalk and KakaoTalk, restricted only to Korea. The game in KakaoTalk is more sophisticated and up-to-date, ranging from 5 months faster than our version onLine, so don’t get shocked to find that players have access to games that haven’t made it to the game. Most likely, it’s an update to the Kakao variant that the game is played. In the meantime, we’ll concentrate specifically on the LINE version, and that’s why we’re both here.

It is also important to note this: Cookie Run has undergone several significant changes between Season 1 through Season 5 (current). Every season changes, every strategy must be redesigned to make older systems obsolete. Also, it raises the quality of the score. Every new release could be a possibility for users to break the top record. For instance, when Vampire Cookie came out in Season 3, the highest form ranged between 60 and 75 million. For more information, click to how tall is ranboo that would be the right place for you.


Cookies are the name of the character you will play. The ability of cookies can be classified between C and L. Concentrate only on S and L-ranking cookies. Do not bother with other cookies aside from Buttercream Choco Cookies. For more, click to trino marin that would be the right place for you.


Pets are creatures that accompany you on your runs. Oh, how cute! They can also be classified from C to L. It’s essential to concentrate on the pet with the highest rank and leave the rest. You’ll require 20 crystals to obtain one S-rank pet to acquire these pets. What? Too expensive? We’ll show you how to get cheap crystals in the next section.


This is the primary appeal to the gameplay. Treasures are three different tools you can use in your race. While the effects aren’t enough, they could change the game. In the beginning, you will only play with one treasure slot; however, as time passes, you will unlock more.

As is the norm, their abilities can be graded in a range of C- S. You should focus on the treasure with the highest rank to ensure you are running your highest. There are additionally Power+ treasures that can aid you in acquiring items every day. Sweet, right?

Treasures are the best place for you to put the bulk of your crystals. For more information, click to how old is ranboo that would be the right place for you.

Two other currencies can impact you when you build the account. So keep an eye on them.


Coins are the primary currency used in the game. You can use them to buy upgrades, such as improving Health, Cookies and Jellies, pets, and Treasures. Additionally, you can use them to purchase boosts such as Double XP, Cookie Relay, and Random Boost, which we will talk about later in the guide. They are easily obtainable through rewards and in-game.

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