What You Need To Know About Ethiopian Coffee Beans

In this essay, you’ll learn why Ethiopian coffee beans are so fascinating to study, and why the nation is well worth a visit for coffee lovers all around the world.

Ethiopia may not be as large as Brazil or Colombia in terms of coffee bean production, but they are well-known for being one of the greatest nations to visit if you want to buy coffee. Coffee lovers from all over the world go to this location in search of its own unique strain of coffee beans, as well as the fact that the coffee beans grown here are of exceptional quality in terms of growth and overall quality.

After all, Ethiopia is regarded as the birthplace of coffee, with profound historical roots in the discovery of the beverage. Some may believe that coffee was discovered in

Colombia, on the other hand, only learned about coffee in the 18th century. Coffee, on the other hand, was found in Ethiopia in the 9th century. Since then, Ethiopia has become home to a diverse range of coffee beans, some of which have achieved international acclaim and even become the hallmark coffee bean of other countries as their methods of cultivation have improved.

Coffee Beans Have a Long and illustrious History

It’s not certain whether this is true or not, but even neighbouring countries claim that Ethiopia is where coffee was first discovered. Believe it or not, it was a goat farmer who discovered this remarkable fruit, not a trader or researcher! When a goat farmer accidently found the cherries of the coffee bean plant while watching his goats eat it in the 9th century, he was shocked. He noticed his goats became overly lively, despite the fact that they had never tasted the coffee beans previously.

As a result, he became interested in seeing if it has the same energy-giving effects in humans. That’s why he took some and distributed it to the local monks. Of course, they haven’t figured out how to brew the fruit yet, so they ate it first and discovered that it can provide them with energy in a safe manner. Over time, the process of drinking coffee beans evolved into the well-known method of turning it into an energetic and aromatic beverage that we are all familiar with. As time went, word of the virtues of coffee spread, and it eventually earned worldwide fame, which we are all familiar with today.

Personally, I find this narrative about the discovery of coffee to be really intriguing because who would have guessed that the wonders of coffee beans were found by mistake by a farmer. If this story is accurate, history includes a lot of strange events that have left an impression on a lot of people even to this day, and coffee appears to be one of them.

Coffee’s Importance in Ethiopia

Ethiopian coffee beans are significant not only because of their history, but also because of the strains that have a fruity flavour. Ethiopia’s coffee sector accounts for 3% of global coffee production. Ethiopia is still one of the industry’s foundation holders, despite its size not being as large as Brazil’s. In addition, the United States is one of the leading buyers of Ethiopian coffee beans, which are often regarded as the best in Africa.

In terms of coffee’s geographical significance in the country, it’s worth noting that there are more than 1,500 square miles of coffee farms devoted to the growth and production of coffee beans dispersed around the country. Simply keep in mind that the mountains where the farms are situated are up to 2,000 metres above sea level. This atmosphere is ideal for producing high-quality coffee beans. However, because of their exceptional quality, certain of their coffee bean strains are regarded a luxury item.

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Ethiopian Coffee Beans Types

Take notice of the following to learn more about the strains that they grow here:

  • Longberry — Large coffee beans with a lot of body and a pleasant scent and flavour. Because of the place where it grows, these are also known as Harrar coffee beans.
  • Mocha — Because of its chocolate undertones, mocha is a well-known flavour all over the world and is frequently used in sweets. The genuine Mocha coffee beans are extremely valuable and can only be found in Harrar. Some people believe this is a spicy version of the Harrar coffee bean.
  • Shortberry — Shortberry coffee beans are high-quality beans with a powerful flavour and a hint of wine.

Ethiopia is a must-visit if you want to sample some of the world’s most delicious, if not unique, coffees. If you enjoy travelling as a coffee connoisseur, or if you simply want to travel and explore what each country has to offer, this is worth noting on your map.

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